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Although The submission window for PREE 5 has officially ended we will still be accepting submissions for the Brawta section. So continue to submit your best writing on the subject of ecocide.

In this issue of PREE, we are seeking explorations of what ecocide – crimes agaitst nature — means to the Caribbean, including its non human inhabitants. Must ecocide be permanent? Vast? If a waterfall dries up, does it matter, once the rain starts again one day? What value is created by natural places that arouse joy and awe in people and is that value confined to those who see them? Or are such locations merely commodities to be assessed by the entrance cashier? What about hidden things – like coral reefs? If they become rubble, will that matter if the sea remains those multitudinous colours of blue, providing a suitable background for selfies? What about the reptiles most of us hate?

Does ecocide require human intent or is the damage done to a reef by dredging for a cruise ship pier no different to that wrought by a hurricane? Are our island homes going to remain habitable long into the future or will the names of hurricanes become the same kind of marker as wars in our history books – the Hundred Year Hurricane, perhaps? Are there places we remember, already lost, and do we mourn? We have conferred legal rights on our own non living creations – corporations – why not on rivers or beaches or mountain ranges? 

Send us your anger, your grief, your indifference, your uncertainty, your memories, your argument and your elegies for the Caribbean, now, in the era of the climate crisis.  As always, we seek fiction, non fiction, poetry, images and new narrative approaches


From May 24-28, 2020 we will be hosting the inaugural PREE Writing Studio, a four-day residential program at the University of the West Indies, Mona. Offering small in-depth classes with some of the best writers in the Caribbean today PWW will be a unique opportunity for those seriously interested in improving their writing skills. Coming immediately before Calabash International Literary Festival’s 2020 edition PWW is designed to enable participants to attend the festival as well. More information will be available by December.

PS: Issues 4 and 5 are specially supported by the Prince Claus Fund (PCF). Five of the most promising young writers in Issues 4 and 5 will be selected to attend the PREE Writing Workshop in Kingston, Jamaica, May 24-28, 2020 under the auspices of PCF. More details on this will follow in due course. 

Anchor image: Sheena Rose – “The Hurricane” ( 42 inches x 48 inches, acrylic on canvas)

Guidelines for general submission can be found below:

If you have any queries, comments or just want to get in touch, let us know via

Submitting to Pree

Pree will only accept works during our Submission window, and this will be in response to a call for submissions. As a general guide, take a look at the following criteria and keep an eye out for the next Call For Submission.

If you are a publisher or agent who wants information about submitting writers you publish or represent please email 


Who Are You?

At PREE we want to showcase your writing and require original works (previously unpublished) for us to feature. The piece should not be under consideration elsewhere.

We’re looking for work by people who live in the Caribbean, are from the Caribbean, or are of Caribbean descent and live anywhere in the world. We will also consider publishing works on or about the Caribbean by non-Caribbean writers. If you are over the age of 18 and the Caribbean is part of your culture, heritage, interest, and passion, or right to abode, we’d love to hear from you.

By submitting your work, you acknowledge that, if accepted, your work will be subject to the terms and conditions contained in the Author’s Agreement, which may be found here:

What Are We Looking For?

Vivid pieces of finished work that fit our issue themes. This includes essays, articles, creative non-fiction, fiction, short stories, poetry, and photo essays.

We accept work written in Caribbean vernaculars, English, and representations of both. At this time we’re unable to accept submissions in other languages.

Length & practicalities

For prose (fiction and non-fiction) – anywhere from 1,500 words to 5,000 words.

For poems – 2-3 works.

We will only accept one submission per person and it’s important that this is the first place your piece has been published, both in print and digitally. You’ll retain the copyright on the work but we’ll be contracting for the right to publish that work for the first time.

Formats to submit to PREE

The Editors have different ways of reading

  • Save the filename as TITLE OF PIECE (not as ‘essay’ or ‘short story’)
  • Arial. 12 point. Double-spaced.
  • Save either as a .doc, a .docx. We cannot accept any other format.
  • We only accept submissions sent via email.
  • Your name and the title of the piece should be on the front page. Please don’t embed your name on other pages.
  • Finished work only, please. It can be within a minute of the last day but it needs to be finished.

Please check you’ve done all these things before submitting. We are unable to consider work that does not fall within these guidelines.

If you are sending POETRY, this is how we would like your poems to be submitted:

We will accept a minimum of two poems and a maximum of three poems. The poems can be any length. The poems must come in one single document. Each new poem must start on a brand new page in the document. It’s important you use Arial 12 point as the font and size. However, if you have specific formatting requirements for the poems, then they don’t need to be double-spaced. It’s important they be formatted as intended.

 Please do follow these guidelines for successful submission.

What If I Don’t Get Selected For This Issue?

If you don’t get selected for the current issue, it just means we’ve collectively decided it didn’t fit this time. You can submit something for future issues on the forthcoming themes. You can only submit one piece once but please do keep submitting original work to us. We are sorry that due to time constraints we are unable to give individual feedback.

I’ve Been Selected, What Next?

Firstly you’ll get an email from us. We’ll then deliver notes on your piece and give you a deadline to get your polished work back to us. Following that, we’ll copyedit and send you the final version for approval before it goes live with the next issue.


We are currently unable to pay but hope this will change in the future. We are a fully volunteering body of editors who are passionate and committed about opening up the writing of the Caribbean to the world. Our role is to assist you in getting your work published and conveyed to a wider audience.

For new writers, we hope you’ll make your first publication with PREE and then we’ll aim to connect you with other journals and publishing houses where you can earn from your work.