PREE: Caribbean. Writing.

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PREE is a unique online magazine for new contemporary writing from and about the Caribbean. We publish original works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, interviews and experimental writing, giving our authors international visibility far beyond the islands.

We aim to engage each other as well as transmit Caribbean writing to critics, editors, publishers and agents seeking emerging talent and unheard voices.

Alongside new talent, we will showcase the works of more established and celebrated writers. In short, we aim to be the foremost platform for writing about, from, and on the region.

If you want to flex your writing muscle on subjects ranging from literature, art and politics, to gender, technology, race and popular culture, PREE provides the space for it. If you want to pop verbal style, flip the script or boldly invent new metaphors whether in prose, drama or poetry this is where you do it.

Issue One: Crossroads

The inaugural issue of PREE centers on the theme “Crossroads” and how that single word captures and questions the interdisciplinarity of being Caribbean. The history that has been created here has not been forgotten. From the Arawak to the Taino people and all indigenous populations in between; from Africa, to Asia, to Europe, to North America; from ancient civilization to colonization to globalization; and from natural disasters to political dictatorships and man-made climate changes, the Caribbean has always existed at a crossroads of one kind or another.

Nearly a quarter way into the 21st century, the Caribbean is still at a crossroads. Are the circumstances of arrival and the experience of confrontation changing? What happens today when the self buck up the other, when nature confronts the machine, when feminist activism encounters toxic masculinity, when the digital new stands at the crossroads with the historical real? These are just some of the questions that we are exploring in this launch issue. PREE has invited submissions of prose, poetry, essays, and other written matter exploring the possibilities that exist at a crossroads.

The first issue of PREE will be coming April 2018. If you have any questions or comments in the meantime, let us know at


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