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The Vagrant, the Ring and the Pothound

No one ever chooses to be a vagrant. A beggar, maybe. Now, that’s a career choice. But a vagrant? Hell, no. That is a result of the government closing down state-owned enterprises instead of restructuring, the banks stealing from your savings account under the guise of transactional fees and the creation of second-rate tertiary-education schools that hand out degrees to undeserving students who eventually take your job.

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Don’t Go Under the Coconut Tree

I knew all my “what ifs” would be shared by my husband, and I knew they were unhelpful. Why this place to have this family? Why this land? Should we have been more open? Was it fair to have had him at all? None of these can be answered. But I take a moment’s pleasure in imagining different timelines where he’s still here, still running around, still laughing his toothy laugh, eyes full of wonder.

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Beach as Plot?

In this article artist Annalee Davis draws a thread between the one-dimensional notion of tourism as the panacea for small island economies (with a particular focus on Barbados), and the potential role of contemporary visual art and artists in offering other lenses through which we can see ourselves and consider our contexts. COVID-19 will infect this text. How can it not?

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Crocodile Tears


Well look, social media more vicious than crocodile. It will hunt you. Sooner or later, once social media gets a taste of your business, it will bite into your privacy and never let go. After that, side-chick come outta hospital and start throw all kinda shade on Instagram. Crocodile Tears by Roland Watson-Grant. In which humans and a wily old croc wrestle each other for control of a once iconic beach in Jamaica

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PREE 9: Religion


The Exorcism 
Dwight Thompson

The Sacrifice
Kirk V. Bhajan

Sara Bastian

Samara Baboolal

The Light of the World
Portia Subran

Sherroine Elliott-Lewis 

Faith in any Language
Lafleur Cockburn

Tea Time
Traci-Ann Wint


“Say A Prayer for Abu Bakr”: A Eulogy For The Caribbean’s No. 1 Muslim Terrorist
Aliyah Khan

My Mother’s Prayers
Janice Cheddie

Shades of Brown: The Life and Times of The Satanic Verses
Juma Bihari


Johanna Gibson

Menstrual Thobe
Suhayla Hepburn

God Doesn’t Live in the Sky, They Live in the Ocean
Tejan Green Wasjak

Ritual For Remaking Yourself/ The Naming of Things
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné



Crick Crack, Lopinot
Amanda T. McIntyre

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