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They Cannot Have our Ancestors’ Bones; Or Their Memories

M. NourbeSe Philip

Sometime in 2020, WUP sold the rights to Benway Series as they are entitled to do by contract. The rights were sold for $150. Neither WUP, nor Benway Series, nor Renata Morresi contacted me about this. I understand that it is common practice to contact living authors when doing translations of their work.

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The Wailers

Akhim Alexis

Everybody knows that when you go to a funeral you don’t wear all black, you must slip in some colour for the Lord to see you in mourning. If everybody wear black then he might look down and decide is just a swarm of black garden ants moving from one place to the other looking for their hole in the ground.

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Daughter 4

Patrice Grell Yursik

Her father was Frederick Bailey, the legendary steelpan arranger known throughout the archipelago as a genius and a scoundrel with women in every port and a child anywhere there was an annual Caribbean festival. Her mother was Leslie-Ann, the voluptuous dark-skinned gyal from the gingerbread house on the corner who joined the damn steelband just to be in his orbit. 

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MERRIE JOY WILLIAMS The sun is melting, a disc of dark honey in a sky of white rum. Crimson bleeding every which way, like the air around this house is itself a young woman — stood slightly proud from the road through this...

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The Admiral

GEOFFREY PHILP Freed by an obeah woman, who wanted”a likkle company every Friday eveling,”the Admiral, when everyone else was asleep,would crawl down his pedestal to answerthe summons to her bed where he’d...

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The Exorcism 
Dwight Thompson

The Sacrifice
Kirk V. Bhajan

Sara Bastian

Samara Baboolal

The Light of the World
Portia Subran

Sherroine Elliott-Lewis 

Faith in any Language
Lafleur Cockburn

Tea Time
Traci-Ann Wint


“Say A Prayer for Abu Bakr”: A Eulogy For The Caribbean’s No. 1 Muslim Terrorist
Aliyah Khan

My Mother’s Prayers
Janice Cheddie

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Juma Bihari


Johanna Gibson

Menstrual Thobe
Suhayla Hepburn

God Doesn’t Live in the Sky, They Live in the Ocean
Tejan Green Wasjak

Ritual For Remaking Yourself/ The Naming of Things
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné



Crick Crack, Lopinot
Amanda T. McIntyre

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