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At the last minute, she had gone on the annual pilgrimage with a busload of community elders to pray to the Black Christ. Maybe it was the combined scent of Bengay and Vicks VapoRub on that journey that compelled her to return with something her late grandmother would approve of.

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The Wailers

Akhim Alexis

Everybody knows that when you go to a funeral you don’t wear all black, you must slip in some colour for the Lord to see you in mourning. If everybody wear black then he might look down and decide is just a swarm of black garden ants moving from one place to the other looking for their hole in the ground.

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Daughter 4

Patrice Grell Yursik

Her father was Frederick Bailey, the legendary steelpan arranger known throughout the archipelago as a genius and a scoundrel with women in every port and a child anywhere there was an annual Caribbean festival. Her mother was Leslie-Ann, the voluptuous dark-skinned gyal from the gingerbread house on the corner who joined the damn steelband just to be in his orbit. 

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