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NEALA LUNA The imam caught all manner of jinn, trapped them in glass jars; buried them in the dark two feet deep beneath silk cotton trees. His great-grandson once caught a purple jellyfish, entombed tentacles and all in a cocoa...

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JOHANNA GIBSON wet bodies and the sound of the bass the dj’s hands, an ode to creation communion calls at the open bar and everyone takes only the blood this dancehall is a crusade praise and worship for all the things lost a...

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Menstrual Thobe

SUHAYLA HEPBURN After 23 days of Ramadan, I haven’t touched the Quran, I’m perpetually deducting menstrual days, I feel               no shame   Yah Sheik,     Oh Brother of high esteem knowledge and visual molestation Oh...

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PREE 9: Religion


The Exorcism 
Dwight Thompson

The Sacrifice
Kirk V. Bhajan

Sara Bastian

Samara Baboolal

The Light of the World
Portia Subran

Sherroine Elliott-Lewis 

Faith in any Language
Lafleur Cockburn

Tea Time
Traci-Ann Wint


“Say A Prayer for Abu Bakr”: A Eulogy For The Caribbean’s No. 1 Muslim Terrorist
Aliyah Khan

My Mother’s Prayers
Janice Cheddie

Shades of Brown: The Life and Times of The Satanic Verses
Juma Bihari


Johanna Gibson

Menstrual Thobe
Suhayla Hepburn

God Doesn’t Live in the Sky, They Live in the Ocean
Tejan Green Wasjak

Ritual For Remaking Yourself/ The Naming of Things
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné



Crick Crack, Lopinot
Amanda T. McIntyre

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