Ronaldo Mohammed

mark this location     unknown
in the unknown lies a city

who can determine density
one-too-many a dotted map

each plotted dot a black hole
holding a body and name

how are margins measured
do borders begin when the taxi is boarded

do they end on the breadth of     no
what distance is there between missus   and     miscellaneous

we know of women woven into the city of the missing
by men who did not know boundaries

their families imagine their coordinates
light candles in the gallery at dusk

hoping they’ll be guided back
into the circumference of safe arms

I’m a 24 year old spoken word poet from Trinidad and Tobago. I have featured on a number of local television programs performing spoken word poetry. In 2021, I made it to the national poetry slam finals. I had a poem published last year December in Moko Magazine.I’m also a Foreign Language Educator and Teaching Artist.