Ide AMARI Thompson

Down home 
Down home 

This mussie a joke
Bui, this een 
No ant’em
To duh majesty
of dese islands.

This is enn no slave song 
No cry to our freedom
An’ like the las’ Mailbot rushing out 
From down home, with the tide

This is the cackle of the shackles 
On the feet of black sheep 
The singing of the slinging 
whip on the black 
back of Pompei 
An’ runnin’ 

Down home 
Down home 

Een make no difference 
cause ya still ga witness
the weight of the rain 
as HRH reigns 
long over us, 
in contempt 
of our beauty
no repay or oration 
on ya hard earn’ dolla’

Cause when ya 

Down home 
Down home 

She save us 
to be nuttin 
more dan subjects.

Ide Amari Thompson is a senior at the University of The Bahamas studying English and History. His work tends to focus on questions of place and person, identity and what it means to personally and socially inhabit different shifting ideas and circles. He grapples with questions of colonialism, independence, nation, identity and love. His primary medium is written works particularly poetry. His written work has appeared in the PREE online journal, the first issue of Onyx magazine in 2018 a creative journal for diasporic black writers based in the UK and in the NE9 exhibition “The Fruit & The Seed”  and “ REFUGE” (2019) both exhibited by the National Art Gallery Of the Bahamas. He also was a participant in the NAGB’s DoubleDutch exhibition “Hot Water” In 2018.