Kaleb D’Aguilar

After a ping 
we meet below eight 
by the chapel
where white boys sing. 

Driving Home for Christmas
sharing memories of the land
the long summers
and beautiful spring

We lie on tile 
a single sheet blocking the cold
floor while our boxers heap a pile
to pillow our heads 
as we lose track of time 
with flesh and music
to melody and laughter
all the while thinking, maybe
Jamaican boys in England
can envision a happy ever after.

Jamaican Fuck

Rain start

clothes a drop
bodies fully erect
touching at the tip
Tear me open
tongues sweating
collar bones breaking
nipples tingling
jaws relaxing
rivers start flowing
Carry me inside you
no fan spinning
our skin melting
rubbers squeezing
deep sea diving
clench and hold
Love me
bull head bucking
back way dogs barking
head top boom box pounding
waistline and wire twisting
sitting while praying
Oh God Oh God
climax coming
actors running
muscles contracting
rubbers flying
Taste my insides

guns gushing
heavy panting
sweat dripping
some good Jamaican fucking

Rain stop. 

Kaleb D’Aguilar is a Jamaican writer and filmmaker. His passion for the arts started with the drama club at Ardenne High School, later joining the Quilt Performing Arts Company. After completing his BSc. in Anthropology at the University of the West Indies, where he graduated Valedictorian in 2017, Kaleb transitioned to writing and directing for film. He has currently completed three short films, all of which have participated in regional and international film festivals. He is currently doing his MA in Directing at Goldsmiths University in London.