Delroy McGregor

Patties, gunshots, 
bad man, watnats, 
mad man, pickney, 
cass eye, big batty. 
No ada place like
dis bun up, run dun, 
dead don, bad gyal, 
fuckry. Kiss teet, 
backshot, bloodclaat 
system corrupt, till we 
haffi cut tek taxi.
Join immigration 
line, get tun back, 
siddung a yaad 
an chat Politician 
wid Miss Patsy.
Put on dutty slippas 
an go a shop. Go fi 
a Student Loan, get 
in a UWI, staat chat 
like di white man, di 
chini, di Indian pon TV. 
Get me degree an staat 
put on party, stop depend 
pon government money.
grow me owna food, 
build me owna house, 
flyout me mada an me 
fada, plan fi
di future.

Delroy Jason McGregor is a Jamaican writer from the parish of St. James. From the age of 7 he had an insatiable passion for reading books that were too complex to understand at the time, ranging from works by John Grisham, to Olive Senior to Lorraine Hansberry and C. Everard Palmer. He developed a passion for writing from his older brother who specialized in oral story telling from comedic folktales to tales of horror. Delroy McGregor currently resides in the parish of Kingston where he is pursuing a bachelor of arts degree at the University of West Indies and is the winner of the 2019 Edward Baugh Prize for Poetry.