2 thoughts on “From the Wilderness, with Love

  1. Dear Adam,
    Thank you for this. Vegetable Seller Barbados made me remember a poem in my first collection Somersault, titled Take This Back:

    Take This Back

    Take this back to Devon
    England, the homeland you
    left to photograph me here
    balancing fruit on my head.

    Shall we title the autochrome
    market woman? It will
    please your wife in her crisscrossed
    corset laced like an extra spine.

    The stiff armour turning flesh
    into an insect’s taut abdomen,
    a Wasp’s precise profile.
    So take it back, a small stamp

    stored in your thick album,
    she will lift a magnifying glass
    to make me surface within
    the blur of its round net.

    As she looks with a Cyclops eye,
    won’t she think my bananas
    curl in rows, like a large
    feather on a garden party hat?

    I share it with you writer to writer in gratitude for your brilliant piece. It seems as if Un-Naming is an important part of the ability to Name. May we writers and poets be so engaged in this arduous and exciting process!


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