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“Say a Prayer for Abu Bakr”: A Eulogy for the Caribbean’s No. 1 Muslim Terrorist

The firebrand was going strong a mere month before his death. In September 2021, in a Facebook Live broadcast from the compound that lasted 75-minutes, he threatened the government with “war” over lack of education funds for Afro-Trinidadian children, alleging that “all the money [was] for the Indian children.”

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The Sacrifice

“Animal sacrifice is for protection. Or like in your case to ketch somebody heart. And when you do it, you does do it once and done. Human sacrifice is when you want money and power. That does summon thing you eh want in your life. But you does have to pay a price. If you do it once, every year you does have to make another sacrifice to please the spirit. It doh ever stop. Not until you dead.”

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After breakfast, we gather in the same circle. Father Longley asks us to open our hearts to God. I close my eyes and imagine his God coming down from a cloudless sky with a scalpel and a dummy swiped from hell for demonstration purposes. Longley’s God would slam the demon onto the floor and our bodies would follow in sync, making the room vibrate.

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“Say A Prayer for Abu Bakr”: A Eulogy For The Caribbean’s No. 1 Muslim Terrorist
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