kevanté a.c. cash 

from he come out the closet in her tall plum heels,
wrists broken, hips sashayin’ with tied up bed sheets
draggin’ on the floor, i knew he was ga have a hard life.

he, at his freest – neck tossin’ & turnin’
like candy wrapper when time ta open
the comb, his mic for practice & his notes 
hit like high praise – the sweetest hallelujah
& he walk just like fierce bird – the strangest you ever did see.

struttin’ dem skinny legs & ashy knees,
showin’ off dem skittled fingernails & glossy lips
no piece a prayin’ couldda deliver a soul
like his that was already too far gone. 

but das too bad.

dance, black boy, dance.

dem hips
those wrists
put that head 
in a circle
show dem what
rainbow joy is made of
black boy
black joy

toss and turn that neck 
for freedom
feel the spirit release 
let the island heat 
trickle down ya spine
like jamun honey
as you whine
& catch a dip.

you got ‘bout
five more minutes left
before they come 
& make a scene.
so make yaself seen,
you are magic 
you are joy 
thriving in heat
black boy
black joy
thrive on every 
yassssssssss, girl!

kevanté a.c. cash (she/they) is a nassau-bahamian poet, essayist and bibliophile who believes in prioritizing pleasure as an act of resistance. currently based in Manchester, England, kevanté is exploring where their poetic voice fits within the canon of Bahamian and Caribbean literature, discussing gender and sexuality, juxtaposed to a religious upbringing, while undertaking a MA in poetry at Manchester Metropolitan University.