But We


who sprinkle di chicken blood
pon four corners,
who mek belt from measure,
who grow pon river hip
knowing word for word,
the lullabies of brailled water,
who step hot, an heavy
with di blood of survivors,
who breathe
spark and galaxy into coal stove,
schooled by hillside food
on di virtues of root,
who touch history now
wid di hollowed embrace, of roadside bamboo.
We, so practised in di skirting
of a red oaked floor . . .
leave no mark.

Richard “DINGO” Dingwall started writing in 1994 joining the Jamaica Poetry Society in 1995. He recorded the CD “Ransom” in 2000, his own blend of music and poetry. Performed on Reggae Sumfest 2001 with the (original) Zinc Fence Band and on the revival of Reggae Sunsplash 2006. Video for the song “Earth Speaks” off the Album, (Directed by Delano Forbes) voted  video of The year by the Caribbean Broadcasting Union 2002. Featured Poet on the Calabash Literary Festival in 2002. Featured on the Word Alive Literary festival in St Lucia 2013. Performed on the “Jamaica Rising” event in Bristol UK to Honor Jamaica’s Poet Laureate, Professor Mervyn Morris in 2014.

After a very long hiatus from writing, he has recently finished his manuscript for his first collection.

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