Traci-Ann Wint-Hayles

Life was
And we
overly complacent
Complained for the dense humidity
  —Into our sweat drained pores
One can hardly bear the serenity
It’s raining all over the world

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Barbados Mulatto Girl

Adam Patterson

My skin is yellow / My hair is long / Between two worlds / I do belong / My father was rich and white / He forced my mother late one night / What do they call me / My name is Saffronia / My name is Saffronia.

– Nina Simone, Four Women

A dead white man turned yellow and a whole island trembled. That old dead white man’s newfound yellow streaks of skin – a fateful inheritance – cracked an island’s skull in half and each piece was of different minds, still hanging from the carapace of a now two-headed beast. Rattling the spine of whiteness, that ugly dead man from foreign – née white, now discoloured – delivered us to a compromise of colour, where, even if only momentarily, yellow may have been the new black. Springing from one end of the shell, the head of whiteness made an ass of itself. Seeing this whiteness as some alien threat, removed and altogether separate from itself, the head of blackness chased its own tail. Withholding just enough credit from the blight of that petrified tourist’s rotting skin – as any whiteness of his that remains is now mostly just a caked-on facade of pigeon shit – I, Saffronia, can only be happy that yellow brought us together, even if only in conflict. Continue reading “Barbados Mulatto Girl”


Jovanté Anderson

Gangsters use embalming fluid to kill
The Jamaica Star

And on this, the ninth night,
when you gather by the sanctity of rum,
pouring slow to bless the thirsty earth
and light the path to places you cyaah see,
you will sigh,                                     ………………. happy to be sending me, cantankerous spirit,

on my way                                          … other elsewheres,

places where you don’t have to worry about gunman
or duppy or duppy-makin’ gunman like me.

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