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Solar Chariot

ISHION HUTCHINSON When noon hits the marl into a valve, hissing fangs of cane flags between the bend— lattice blinding shutters and stunting kites, he comes out with his staff to the square, fox blades of croton leaves in his...

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A Nanny Fi A Cup A Coffee

RICHARD ‘DINGO’ DINGWALL We made our way down from the hills. The taste, lost, somewhere, amid dense undergrowth and loose stones. Distant drumming, gradually ceding to the mutterings of unreasonable mirrors. No...

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But We

RICHARD ‘DINGO’ DINGWALL who sprinkle di chicken blood pon four corners, who mek belt from measure, who grow pon river hip knowing word for word, the lullabies of brailled water, who step hot, an heavy with di blood of...

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PREE 9: Religion


The Exorcism 
Dwight Thompson

The Sacrifice
Kirk V. Bhajan

Sara Bastian

Samara Baboolal

The Light of the World
Portia Subran

Sherroine Elliott-Lewis 

Faith in any Language
Lafleur Cockburn

Tea Time
Traci-Ann Wint


“Say A Prayer for Abu Bakr”: A Eulogy For The Caribbean’s No. 1 Muslim Terrorist
Aliyah Khan

My Mother’s Prayers
Janice Cheddie

Shades of Brown: The Life and Times of The Satanic Verses
Juma Bihari


Johanna Gibson

Menstrual Thobe
Suhayla Hepburn

God Doesn’t Live in the Sky, They Live in the Ocean
Tejan Green Wasjak

Ritual For Remaking Yourself/ The Naming of Things
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné



Crick Crack, Lopinot
Amanda T. McIntyre

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