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Swallowing Patwa

JAVED JAGHAI [This brief account was collated, with his permission, from a series of tweets by the author. Stories are being told, just not in the usual media.] I had an embarrassing experience in the summer of 2007 while...

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Fat Joy

SHIVANEE RAMLOCHAN As I dressed myself for work today, I couldn’t get Hunger, Roxane Gay’s searingly personal memoir of her body, out of my mind. Since growing fat, I’ve made so many negotiations with myself, and no, not all of...

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Jamaican Letters: Past, Present, Future

KEI MILLER, MARLON JAMES, NICOLE DENNIS-BENN  at the Key West Literary Seminar, January 13, 2018. INTRODUCTION BY JOSHUA JELLY-SCHAPIRO Introduction Key West is a small island in the Straits of Florida with historic ties to...

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