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But We

RICHARD ‘DINGO’ DINGWALL who sprinkle di chicken blood pon four corners, who mek belt from measure, who grow pon river hip knowing word for word, the lullabies of brailled water, who step hot, an heavy with di blood of...

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This Body’s Voice

TANYA SHIRLEY Why are you here I used to suck the blood from men’s necks empty myself to make room for them But that is in the past  They did not die I am a room full of bloody men Why do you say this I should have died once...

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The New Commandments

TANYA SHIRLEY There are lanes weaving through Kingston where women spilling from zinc shacks wear bras and batty riding shorts to corner shops. Breasts like sling-shots ready to spray bullets. Big bellies saying they’ve...

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Hood Top

TANYA SHIRLEY Some big fat gyal cyaan handle buddy yet still waan ride pon Kabasaki, mawga slim gyal cyaan tek winery . . . hood top, hood top if you love bike back, hood top. Shabba Ranks Your buddy is not a bike. The feel of...

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