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Da First Fruit of Our Sperit

Ide Thompson

In Our Caribbean

Is another name

Another name
—–for waters
—–promise life

We heard its oldest name
in cracked
in wrangled
on the empty breaths
of babies
—–too bloated
with flies
—–to speak
IT spoke
its one true name

 Ide Amari Thompson is a “true true” Bahamian-American writer and poet who hopes with his work to “wake the sleepers wide.” As a Senior at the University of the Bahamas studying History, English, and Linguistics, Ide is well suited to integrate and interrogate Bahamian and Caribbean social life and ways in which these cultures interact with, and are influenced by other cultures. He believes that all forms of creative literature,  especially the written word are avenues by which various groups can learn about not only their differences but more importantly their commonalities. Ide hopes that by his academic, and creative engagement that, those whose stories and voices have been long been silenced will begin to be heard and at last recognized.

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